My art moves from an icon to an abstraction. I am looking for a modern sacred language. Rethinking the icon, I go deeper, paying attention to all its constituent components, from the Biblical text to the materials used to create sacred symbols. Exploring ancient techniques and experimenting with the newest materials. Based on the classical techniques used to paint icons, I am looking for new forms of expression that would speak to modern humans. I transmit the depths of the SKY due to the wax layers, in the technique of encaustics. Describing the EARTH, I take stones, grinding them into a pigment. I am looking for a HEAVENLY WORLD in three-dimensional plastics, based on wood and Levkas classical gesso. I try to convey the relief of the sky, in which I want to find the ANGELS and their messages. In printed graphics, I am looking for unrepeatable and unique, of each imprint. I try to rethink the world around us and show it through the prism of Christian art, discovering the new way for old long-familiar things. After graduating from the academy, I began to explore abstraction, looking for not a plot, but a mood, a brief moment that will pass unnoticed if it is not caught. It is in these moments that there is much truth, and sincerity, and trust. Eternity is reflected in the icon, so in my abstractions, I look for fluidity. The moment, which happened to be here almost by chance. Life is full of such moments. Every movement of yours, every thought of yours is precious, every breath of yours is a gift! The value of life is the value of man and everything around. The meaning is in everything! In my art, I show more of what surrounds us SIGNS and SYMBOLS. I work to show the transition to the spirit world - OPEN HEAVEN

Natalia Satsyk, born 1984, based in Lutsk, Ukraine


2002-2008 Lviv National Art Academy, Sacred Art Department, 

Diploma: Master of Fine Arts.  

1999-2002 Lutsk Art College, Painting Department


2019 Symbolum Sacrum Stipendiate in Dusseldorf, Germany

2015 Rotterdam — Henry Nuven Stitting, The Netherlands 

2008 Symbolum Sacrum Stipendiate in Lviv, Ukraine 

2006 Internship at the Warsaw Academy of Arts, Department of Painting, Poland 



2017 -2022 “GOLDEN HORIZON” Chapel design in Maurice Zundel, Geneva, Switzerland. 

2019 “DANTE CIRCLES” Wall painting in the chapel Heart Home, Lviv, Ukraine 

2018 “TRANSFIGURATION” Altarpiece for a mountain chapel in Letino, Italy. 

2013 -2015 “NEAR THE CRUCIFIXION” Altarpiece for the Heart Home Chapel, 

Vienna, Austria. 



2020 “HEAVENLY IMAGE“ spiritual retreat center «Archistratig» Lviv 

2019 “QUAND LA TERRE DEVINT LE CIEL” Orval Abbey, Belgium 

2016 “WHAT ANGELS CONCEAL” Egmond Abbey, Egmond aan Zee, 

The Netherlands 

2010 “LIFE WITH ANGELS“ Diocesan Museum of Poznan, Poland 



2022 “MEETING WITH THE RISEN” participation in the international icon-painting plein air in Warsaw, Poland.

2020 “IMMUNITY” Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsak Lutsk 

2019 “Psalms” participation in the international icon-painting plein air in 

Nowy Sacz, Poland. 

2017 “ABOUT GRAPHICS” union of artists of Volyn, Lutsk. 

2011 “FLIGHT” Primus Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine 

2010 “LONELINESS-PRESENCE” Center for Urban History, Lviv, Ukraine 

2009 “ANNOUNCEMENT” Ivano-Frankivsk State Art Museum, Ukraine 

2008 “EUCHARISt” Museum of the History of Religion, Lviv, Ukraine 

2007 “INRI” State Art Museum Chernivtsi, Ukraine 

2006 “CACTUS FOR SHEPTYTSKY” National Art Museum, Lviv, Ukraine 


2011 “NOËL, LE MYSTÈRE” illustrations you design, Duh-i-Litera publishing house, 

Kyiv, Ukraine



Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsak

Symbolum Sacrum Foundation, Lviv, Ukraine 



Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, USA, France, India, Belgeum and  Ukraine

When you are one to one with God, you understand everything, all around you becomes the language of God.

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