Born 1984 in the North of Ukraine Natalia Satsyk can look back on twenty years of life as an artist. She started her artistic education 1999 in the paining department of The Lutsk Art College, 2002 becoming a student of The National Art Academy in Lviv with focus on Christian art of the Byzantine tradition. Being an art student she exhibited widely as a part of Kaktus collective around Prof. Lev Skop; to mention in that context is the 2006 exhibition at the National Art Museum in Lviv. The intention of the group was to reinvent the old Ukrainian icon, fostering the local traditions and celebrating the freedom of artistic interpretation. This period was crucial for the artistic formation and the world view of Natalia Satsyk. As a stipendiate of Symbolum Sacrum 2008 she pursued individual art projects and publications growing to an established artist with an rich oeuvre: 2008 - 2018 she exhibited in museums, galleries, churches, monasteries, academic institutions and was profoundly involved in social and educational programs as Solitude-Presence or The Summer School of Iconography. The friendship with Points Coeur and Aude Guilet manifested itself in a number of liturgical spaces that Natalia Satsyk has designed for the Points Coeur community in Vienna, Geneva, Letino and, coming next, in Lviv itself. Since 2012 Natalia Satsyk curates Symbolum Sacrum Studio in Lviv - an art residency and exhibition space welcoming guests from the whole world. Last but not least, Natalia Satsyk teaches Art and Iconography at the Ukrainian Catholic Academy in Drohobych, Ukraine

Artist Natalia Satsyk, 1984
based in Ukraine 

2002-2008 Lviv National Art Academy, Sacred Art Department,

2019 Quand la terre devint le ciel… Orval Abbey, Belgium
2018 Altar Piece for Mountain Chapel in Letino, Italy
2017 Chapel Design in Maurice Zundel House, Geneva, Switzerland
2016 What angels conceal – Egmond Abbey, Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands
2015 Altar Piece for Offenes Herz Chapel, Vienna, Austria 
2012 Book Design for Alternative Art Guide Lviv, Ukraine 
2011 Flight – Primus Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 Solitude-Presence – Centre for Urban History, Lviv, Ukraine 
2010 Life with Angels – Diocesan Museum Poznan, Poland 
2009 Angelus Domini – St. Clement Church in Lviv, Ukraine
2009 Annunciation – State Art Museum Iwano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
2008 Eucharist – Museum of Religion, Lviv, Ukraine
2007 INRI — State Art Museum Chernivtsi, Ukraine
2006 Kaktus to Sheptycki – National Art Museum, Lviv, Ukraine

2018 Punto Cuore Art and Recollection in Letino, Italy
2015 Art Residency in Rotterdam – Henry Nouwen Stichting, the Netherlands
2013 Punto Cuore Art abd Recollection in Naples, Italy
2008 Symbolum Sacrum Stipendiate in Lviv, Ukraine
2006 Warsaw Art Academy Painting Internship, Poland

2014 Noël, le Mystère – book illustations, Duh-i-Litera Publishing House, Kiev, Ukraine
2008 JESUSES — Postcard series by Symbolum Sacrum Foundation, Lviv, Ukraine 

Mariana Gräfin von Westarp: Canon and Creativity. Byzantine icon as a post-platonic genre of art. In: Henri Nouwen Stichting, Katern Jaargang 14/Nr.2
Mariana Gräfin von Westarp: Goud en beeld. Over ikon als plaats van vrijheid. In: Eikonikon, Amsterdam, Juni 2015
Mariana Gräfin von Westarp: Was könnte Sakralkunst sein? Vortrag auf dem 33. Deutschen Kunsthistorikertag, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, März 2015

Symbolum Sacrum Foundation, Lviv, Ukraine. 

Germany (Düsseldorf), Austria (Vienna), the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Utrecht, Breda), Italy (Naples), Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne), USA (New-York), France (Pays de la Loire), India (Chennai) and Ukraine (Lviv, Stanislav, Lutsk, Kyiv).

When you are one to one with God, you understand everything, all around you becomes the language of God.